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Presumably 1940s British walnut glass case.

The texture of the deep wood that has passed through the years and the decoration of the front desk are wonderful gems.

The front has a gently curved glass that allows for a beautiful display.

It is also recommended as a beautiful display of your favorite tableware and small items at home, or as a showcase at a store.

The three-sided glass allows you to see things inside brightly.

It's a wonderful cat foot with the beast's leg gripping the ball.

The key attached to the door can be used as a handle. (cannot be locked)

Condition.......It is in a good condition without rattling. There are areas where the wood is rubbed, the paint is peeled off, and the glass plate is chipped, but there is no problem with using it.

Size......Width 79cm Depth 30.5cm Height 129.5cm

Type of wood.......Walnut

*This product cannot be delivered, so please come directly to the store to pick it up.

Please purchase only.

* If it is a distance of about 1 hour by car from our shop, we can deliver it directly.

In that case, please pay only the high-speed fee when using gasoline and high-speed. (Please contact us for details.)

*Things in the image are not included in the product.

*This is a very old item, so please purchase only if you have an understanding of antiques.

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