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100% cotton Basque shirt "Wesson" representing St. James.

The color is HAMAC (dark beige).

A single color might be the taste of an expert!?

I think he will be a great supporting actor.

Since its founding in 1889, it has been made almost as it was at the time, and there is no room for improvement.

It is a highly complete product.

The tightly packed cotton jersey fits your body the more you wash it,

It is washable and durable.

The intention of each detail devised for people working in the Normandy sea is as follows.

The boat neck makes it easy to take off when drowning in the sea...

The slightly short sleeves are designed so that the cuffs do not get wet.....


T5 Length 69 cm Width 52cm shoulder width 49cm sleeve length 57cm

*The product has not been washed and may shrink due to washing.

Although there are individual differences, the length will be 2-3 cm, the width will be 2 cm, and the sleeve length will be 2-3 cm.

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