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100% cotton shirt "Naval" representing St. James.

It was named because it was once a uniform of the French Navy.

The color is NEIGE x MARINE. (navy blue border with white base)

It uses finer thread than Wesson and is slightly thinner.

This partially plain design has the effect of making you look neat when worn.

The portrait of Pablo Picasso wearing NAVAL taken by Doisneau is very famous.

The intention of each detail devised for people working in the Normandy sea is as follows.

The boat neck makes it easy to take off when drowning in the sea...

The slightly short sleeves are designed so that the cuffs do not get wet.....

The border pattern of the icon makes it easy to distinguish even on the sea with poor visibility.....

It is also introduced on the blog here .


T4 Length 66cm Width 49cm Shoulder width 47cm Sleeve length 52.5cm

T5 Length 68 cm Width 52 cm shoulder width 49 cm sleeve length 54cm

T6 Length 70cm Width 54cm shoulder width 51cm sleeve length 55cm

T7 Length 71cm Width 56cm shoulder width 53cm sleeve length 56cm

Only T7 will be 17050 yen.

*The product has not been washed and may shrink due to washing.

Although there are individual differences, the length will be 2-3 cm, the width will be 2 cm, and the sleeve length will be 2-3 cm.

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