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Vintage floor light from Gerde, France.

Jerde's with a green metal tag with the country of France

It will be the earliest model (estimated 1950s).

two arms You can freely move it according to your needs.

The industrial simplicity and sturdiness used in factories and ateliers,

It can be said that Jerde's attractiveness is its functional beauty as a product.

Condition is good.

The outlet is Japanese specification, so you can use it as it is without any problems.

About Jourdet....

Founded in the 1950s by Jean-Louis Domecq.

The internal wiring of the work lamp at that time was pulled every time the angle was changed,

You can use it for a long time because you can freely change the position of the light without worrying about disconnection.

Design a lamp.

A metal ring is built in, and the metal contacts by rotating the joint part.

We devised a mechanism that does not require wiring to conduct electricity.

This epoch-making mechanism made it possible to create a lamp that does not break even when the position of the arm is changed.

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It is also introduced on the blog here .


125cm total length with arms extended

base diameter 27cm

Arm length 44cm (x2)

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