How to thread the LEATHER ROPE

1. Untie the two knots that fasten the end of the rope braid and remove the 5mm masking.

Wrap around 5 cm.

2. Wrap the masking around the end of the rope in a spiral shape of about 5cm.

The tip part is thin, and if you wind it tightly, it will be easier to do later work.

3. Pass the TOP through before installing the adjuster.

You can pass it through as it is, but if you want to tie the root, tie one end of the rope

Make a single loop as shown in the image.

4. Dive the top from top to bottom in the ring.

I'm going to tie it while adjusting it so that the length of the left and right is even.

5. Kukurime can be tightened all the way to the base of the TOP, but when layering the TOP,

Like the second image, it feels good to have some room to move .

6. Pass the rope through the adjuster.

Make sure there is enough space in the hole by passing one side first.

(Make space for the hall with a toothpick, etc.)


It will take a lot of time at first, so take it easy and do it slowly.

6. Pass it through slowly and carefully.

Forcing it through may damage the leather.

7. When you have finished threading, remove the masking and tie the end of the braid with a ball knot.

fasten. At this time, if you tie it tightly, when you replace the top next time

Please note that it will be difficult.

That's all.

Thank you for your hard work.